Sarah and Hattie first met in 2012 and have been besties ever since 😁

They first had the idea to set up ChumPuters when both of their mums needed help with Excel and couldn’t find anyone to help them.

They wanted to set up a way for anyone and everyone to be able to ask the questions that they thought were too silly or trivial. Everyone should be able to use technology to help them in their lives. Whether for your small business or just simply to keep in touch with your family via FaceTime.


Sarah hails originally from Northern Ireland (recently voted worlds best accent) and she moved to Bristol in 2011.

Sarah qualified as an accountant in 2014 and shortly afterwards took 6 months out to travel around South America. The picture at the top is from a lake in Argentina where Hattie came out to meet Sarah for a couple of weeks!

Sarah can usually be found with her nose in her book (her kindle is always in her bag just in case) or at the cinema. She also makes a mean lasagne!


Hattie moved to Bristol from her hometown of Plymouth in 2011. She has 7 nieces and nephews also in Bristol so can often be found doing rolypolys on the Downs or bouncing around at AirHop!

She qualified as an accountant in 2010 and therefore spends a lot of her life looking at spreadsheets.

Her other passions are baking (wait until you try her brownies), cinema and shopping.